May 3 looks to be sweet, with soft voices and fuzzy affection. You don't usually neglect yourself, but the May 14 Full Moon reminds you to pay more attention to the small, less exciting details of daily life. Get more organized, find those misplaced documents, and eat more healthfully. The weekend of May 24 could get rocky. Don't get bent out of shape if someone springs a surprise bigger than yours. The New Moon on May 28 is intense. You might get on people's nerves if you expect them to be equally intense. Focus on your own issues and cut others some slack.

Mother's Day on May 11 could be a high-energy day. Be gracious, enjoy the good, and let others get hyper. The Full Moon on May 14 impacts your partnerships and love life. Saturn lurking nearby suggests you'll make an effort to respect others and treat them the way you want to be treated. The New Moon on May 28 could affect your finances and possessions. Don't be surprised if people want to give you things. Memorial Day weekend looks to be lavish, with good food, fun, and your favorite companions. Save your best recipes and most charming quips for that day.

You might feel a little wired as the month starts, but nerves should settle down by the end of May 2. If your mind shifts into overdrive on May 7, stay focused and don't turn into a chatterbox. The May 14 Full Moon shines for you in a secret way. Be prudent, behave well, and respect the positions of others or you could briefly turn into your own worst enemy. The May 28 New Moon is the time to make healthy changes to eat, rest, exercise, and simply be better to yourself in the long term. Look for an "ah ha" moment on May 30.

Emotions could be near the surface during the first weekend of the month. Have fun, be sociable, and don't take everything so personally. The May 14 Full Moon could rattle your social life or a group or association. Listen and at least pretend to take seriously what people say, even if you know it may all be smoke. The New Moon on May 28 gives you the chance to get more creative and blow off some steam in a flashier way. Do something to make your heart happy. The next day something puzzling may suddenly begin to make sense.

Cinco de Mayo and May 6 can be as exciting as you wish - or don't wish. People won't need encouragement to follow your lead. The Full Moon on May 14 can light up your workplace or career situation. Prepare for this and take the opportunity seriously. You have a chance to assume more responsibility and authority. You may be chattier and more willing to try new things after May 20. The New Moon at the end of the month brings things closer to home. Reach out and keep in touch with family and old friends.

You might be more energized, able to perform better, and thinking more clearly on May 7 and May 8. Don't let this slip away. The May 14 Full Moon could take you places, some very far away. It could be physical or virtual. If you need a serious getaway, this might be the trigger. An old favorite fantasy or bit of wishful thinking may come to an end on May 21. On the May 28 New Moon, expect to spend more time or money with friends, doing entertaining or even educational and uplifting activities. Think art, movies, or music.

Your natural diplomatic and peacekeeping talents could come in handy on the weekend of Mother's Day, starting Saturday May 10. At the Full Moon of May 14 you could become involved in the responsibilities of someone else. Remember to respect available resources (like time and energy). Respect boundaries, too, especially your own. On May 19 you might get impatient to start something that's been on hold, but you know how to control yourself. The New Moon on May 28 gives you a fresh look at money matters and any finances that need attention. Don't hesitate to communicate, explain yourself, or ask questions.

Take a deep breath, smile, and let Mother's Day be pleasant for everyone. Be proactive, volunteer to help, and let your family appreciate and love you. The Full Moon on May 14 belongs to you. Do something that deepens and strengthens you, brings you fulfillment, and fine-tunes how you want the world to see and deal with you. May 19 and May 20 are the opening days of a more active period for you. Things will accelerate slowly, so get prepared. Love, sex, and romance may blur at the New Moon on May 28 and could make a relationship even more complicated.

A lightweight romance could turn super serious at the May 14 Full Moon. Or you might suddenly crave more attention than you've ever wanted before. Keep a grip on your heart and have pity on any partners. May 15 finds you enthusiastic and up for just about anything. Be safe, though. The weekend of May 24 promises some quality time with people you already enjoy and admire. Live big (but not too big) and have fun. The New Moon on May 28 lets you slip out of the spotlight and into the shadows. It's harder for people to interfere if they can't see you.

The Full Moon on May 14 encourages you to get serious about taking better care of yourself. You don't have to be paranoid or timid about it. Be smart and treat yourself better. The weekend of May 17 could be tense, but such anxieties are usually imaginary. Stay calm and real and let it pass. On the weekend of May 24 you get the respect you deserve but usually feel you don't get. For the May 28 New Moon, you might want to change up or freshen your social crowd, fade out of a stale group, and find livelier, newer voices and opinions.

The Full Moon on May 14 is your big chance to start doing something you've always wanted to do but have let people talk you out of doing. You'll find sympathetic friends to play with you. May 19 through May 21 should be more comfortable, with people being less annoying you can get on with your work and the inspiration can flow. The New Moon on May 28 shines on your career or workplace. Stay alert for a new assignment or chance to sound out co-workers about a difficult or confusing situation that is on the verge of being corrected.

The Full Moon on May 14 blazes away on family and home affairs. Achieve closure in an uncomfortable situation, clear up some long-lasting confusion, or finish a big domestic project. May 21 and May 22 are tailored for you to plug in your feelings and do things that mean a lot to you. At the New Moon on May 28 you might want to finally start to learn a new skill, speak a new language, or just dream about buying a ticket to Tahiti. May 31 could be outrageously lucky. Share the good and be grateful no matter what happens.

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The first week of April may feel as though the world is gunning for you. It isn't, so stay cool and hang in there until after April 8. Romantic complications should clear up and tempers should cool. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on April 15 could reignite partner or love problems. Don't overreact. It isn't as personal or hostile as it may seem. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse on April 28 could bring you monetary opportunities if you can act with reserve while everyone else is crazed. Patience is hard, but it could be your best friend this month.

People could keep you hopping at the end of the first week. Plans may fall apart or maybe you will just be shamelessly overbooked. Don't worry if a few things fall between the cracks. The April 15 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse can be good for returning focus to you and your need for more downtime. Be calm and let others run themselves ragged. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse on April 28 are all yours. Let a dream or inspiration simmer and perk back up to the surface of your consciousness. Remember and use this all through the year.

The first week could be a social madhouse, with way more ideas and attractive plans than any mere human can manage. Pace yourself and maybe prioritize. Your mind may be racing on April 7, but by April 9 things should slow down. The Full Moon on April 15 lights up your desire for more fun and games. Do what you can to resist needless risks and big gambles. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse on April 28 is a more subdued and subtle time. Keep your actions organized and don't go off wild and scattered and end up being your own worst enemy.

The first week could bring an emotional roller-coaster ride. Your mind will recover before your heart does, but things should be smoother and less frantic by April 9. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse could impact your career and public ambitions, if you have any. If not, others may still think you do. Don't let it bother you. Do something big and good for yourself - you deserve it. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse on April 28 could give you a big boost in the direction of your choice. Remember that there are short-term and long-term goals.

You have control in the first week of April, if you don't get lazy. People want to see what you're doing and will follow your lead. Be careful with this. Friends and family may try to run away with you under the influence of the Full Moon on April 15. You have all the charm and tact you need to make whatever escape appeals to you (or not). As for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on April 28, you have the chance to do something brilliant for a big audience or set yourself up for a big career change.

Watch the bank balance and spending in the first week of April. You aren't usually a compulsive shopper, but a friend might drag you along, to your dismay. Keep your own needs foremost in mind. Money matters also surface during the Full Moon of April 15. Accommodating others can be as costly in time as in money. Make your own suggestions and see if that helps. The Solar Eclipse that comes with the April 28 New Moon can spark you to think and live on a bigger, perhaps slightly grander scale. You can do this in a practical, affordable way.

People may give you grief in the first week, but they really just want your attention. You don't have to indulge anyone's silliness, so be amused rather than angry. Besides, you can wear out all of them. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse shine for you on April 15 even if people behave as though the show is for them. It isn't. (Well, maybe it's also for your partner.) It's a strong, serious New Moon (and Solar Eclipse) on April 28 that can help you straighten out a money or property issue and leave you in a more stable, solid place.

Think about yourself a bit more and let the world solve its own problems, especially around April 7 and April 8. You're a lot stronger and more energetic than you realize, so don't waste it on frustration and restlessness. Clean up something in the daily work routine around the Full Moon on April 15 and come out feeling like you're living in a bright new world. (You could spring a big surprise on someone and get away with it now, too.) The April 28 New Moon packs one last personal wallop. Be safe, healthy, smart, and willing to listen to a partner.

Group involvement and social activities could eat up your life in the first week, but you might want that. Your time should free up after April 8 or April 9. The urge to start new things might be overwhelming all month, however. Those urges might turn to the wild, crazy, or even kinky side by the April 15 Full Moon. Not too reckless, not too expensive fun will do no harm, and the mood will pass. Make the most of that April 28 New Moon and Solar Eclipse. No matter how crazed the outside world gets, focus on your well-being and creative desires.

It's the classic tug of war between home and office in the first week. Your attention and best efforts may be spent at work, where activity is increasing and your energies are already focused. Use home for rest and recovery, to be improved and refreshed little by little. You'll be in high gear at work by the April 15 Full Moon, all to your benefit if you don't burn out or oppress co-workers. Keep those revelatory, confessional discussions among friends and out of the workplace. While work demands continue, your partner is the lucky one at the April 28 New Moon. Be happy.

People will expect you to be the grownup in the room from about April 4 until April 8. There's no lack of money concerns (or ideas to remedy them) to go around. Be a good example, take care of yourself and your needs, and encourage others to follow your lead. The Full Moon (and Lunar Eclipse) on April 15 takes you to faraway places, if only in fiction, and relaxing time with good friends. You've all earned a break. The New Moon on April 28 gives you another chance to awaken the desire to expand your horizons. Perception is everything.

You're cleverer by far during the first week of the month, and people will be magnetically drawn to what you say and do. Some of this brilliance could result in extra money, so make the most of it. The Full Moon on April 15 could render you extra charming. This could also help you attract someone with a problem you can easily solve, and thus improve your own finances. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse on April 28 may send the world into a mild tizzy, but you'll get another opportunity to consolidate whatever advantages you've gained this month.


March has two New Moons, on March 1 and March 30, so what you don't start on the first one, you can start on the second. This is not permission to procrastinate. The first two weeks may be scrambled with countless tiny distractions. You don't need to spend all your time cleaning up other people's little messes. The Full Moon on March 16 reminds you that good health and low stress are worth their weight in gold. Stay maniacally busy if it pleases you. March 19 and March 20 may be too touchy-feely for you, but the rest of the month will be more your style.

It's a month with a New Moon at each end and a lot of tangled, up-and-down energies to juggle. From March 1 till around March 14, be patient and persistent, and reserve criticism. People will appreciate your level and cool head. The March 16 Full Moon brings you fun times and low-key pleasure with close friends. If this spills over into St. Patrick's Day, so much the better. Emotions may surface a day or two before spring officially starts, but a little extra pampering, rest, and quiet time may take care of it. Life gets busier from here.

The New Moon on March 1 could impact your career plans or work situation. If there's something you need to start, you get two opportunities this month. Don't be rash or random about it, however. Some things can be harder to undo than do. The Full Moon on March 16 shines directly on your home life. You may also get a prime chance to finish something that's small but nags in a big way. People may be wearing their hearts on their sleeves for the next few days, but it should be easier to hold a normal conversation after March 21.

Start the month in a big way with the New Moon on March 1. You may not be able to do everything, but you can make plans. (The New Moon at the end of the month is more about your career, so those plans might come in handy.) The next couple of weeks could be full of undirected trivia, but don't get annoyed. The March 16 Full Moon lets you sweep away a lot of that trivia and spend quality time with quality friends. Emotions may run high for the next few days, but that should clear up once spring gets underway.

The New Moon on March 1 may be more about other people than about you. Be helpful and let people love you. (The New Moon at the month's end may let you start some big project or plan, so hang in there and don't feel under someone else's shadow.) The first two weeks may be disorganized and hectic. You've seen that before. The Full Moon on March 16 might bring you some financial gain, however small, or at least some useful insight into money matters. Give it time to gel. Avoid emotional entanglements until after March 21, when people are no longer overly sensitive.

A new partner or love interest might find you with the New Moon on March 1. Sit tight and let the first two weeks of March unravel, as they may want to do. Stay methodical and organized, but don't feel low or put upon. The March 16 Full Moon belongs to you, so enjoy the attention and share your happiness with a current favorite someone - or just curl up at home and catch up on your movies. People may be touchy for the next few days, so lay low or take precautions. The rest of the month has better focus.

Take good care of yourself early in the month - eat well, rest, and just be smart about daily life. The first half of March may be a bit nuts, mostly in small ways. The Full Moon on March 16 reinforces the importance of your personal concerns. Slow down and let others bounce off the walls for a few more days. Once the first day of spring has passed, it will be safer to venture out again, be active, and participate fully with your partners and co-workers. What you do this month may have far-reaching effects, so do your best every dayTake good care of yourself early in the month - eat well, rest, and just be smart about daily life. The first half of March may be a bit nuts, mostly in small ways. The Full Moon on March 16 reinforces the importance of your personal concerns. Slow down and let others bounce off the walls for a few more days. Once the first day of spring has passed, it will be safer to venture out again, be active, and participate fully with your partners and co-workers. What you do this month may have far-reaching effects, so do your best every day

The month may start out full of fun and amusement, but there's nothing carefree about it. Two weeks of muddled activities, unresolved problems, and dropped and unanswered calls will climax with the Full Moon on March 16. Social life could get hyper, and tiny missteps could cause blowup reactions. No one needs this. You can refuse to play along, in a polite way, of course. Stay cool and perhaps a bit distant for a couple of days. A few days after the first day of spring, life gets sane again and you can return to doing the serious work that really satisfies you.

The opening New Moon may highlight some family or domestic responsibilities. They should be small and easy and even more pleasant to have out of the way. Keep your head above the fray for the next couple of months, when people around you may be more scattered and bewildered than usual. The Full Moon on March 16 shines favorably on your career and work environment. Look for small, incremental improvements rather than radical leaps forward. The next few days may be unfocused and your heartstrings may get tweaked, but be your normal practical, caring self and it will all cheerfully pass.

The starting New Moon on March 1 encourages you to make a few small trips and see more friends. This can anchor you for the next couple of weeks when the world gets frenetic and people constantly annoy and interrupt each other. The March 16 Full Moon is favorable. It may give you a glimpse of the bigger picture of your life rather than further drown you in the meaningless details. The next few days may be wild and crazy but fun, too. After that, sanity will prevail again. Be surprised by how much you can get done before the New Moon on March 30.

You might be getting used to being more popular than usual. The March 1 New Moon could bring you financial opportunities, however small, as well. Being calm, low-key, and a bit distant will get you through the next two weeks, when the world may be scrambled and the people slightly crazed. The Full Moon on March 16 may further remove you from the chaos by imposing a specific chore or favor that deserves to be done. Feel properly virtuous. Keep below the social radar for a few more days and resurface into a more serious and ambitious world and work environment.

The March 1 New Moon is powerful for you. Use it to start something personally meaningful. The next two weeks could be a bit maddening with countless little voices with conflicting little demands. Don't get lost in the confusion. The March 16 Full Moon could renew your feelings of love, if not for a person then for a fading memory, pet, fondness for a place, or perhaps the simple joy of doing something special that had to be neglected as life got busier. Be good to yourself on March 20, then jump back into life and accomplish a lot.


People might be troublesome and some plans could fall through in the first few days. Keep a sharp eye on finances and avoid arguments if you can. Everything will be all right. Life gets easier and smoother again by February 4. Dreams run rampant at the February 14 Full Moon and a stimulating new love might find you. Remember to be good to yourself and don't get overexcited. Enjoy the fresh energy and have fun with this. By February 18 the emotional atmosphere changes yet again and you risk heartbreak if you're overly involved. What a roller-coaster ride for your heart!

Friends from afar may send you unpleasant news as February opens, but it's nothing to rock your world. Friends and lovers near at hand are here for you. By February 5 it will all be old news anyway. The Full Moon on February 14 could make you wildly popular and surround you with casual friends. Keep the mood light with cool, casual fun - nothing heavy. February 18 and February 20 are more emotionally demanding, which could be a good thing if you're trying to connect deeply with a new special someone. Frivolous feelings won't be much help now. Respect and listen to your heart.

The work scene looks good, but the social scene looks turbulent. Stay calm and out of any crossfire for the first few days, and look forward to the days after February 5. The February 14 Full Moon zaps both home and office, making it harder to set priorities. You can still maintain that air of cool competence and get more done than you ever imagined. Handling difficult people will get easier for you in the last week, not because the people get easier but because you get more skillful and diplomatic. Listen, learn, and then adapt. That's all you need.

It could briefly be crazy times at work, but nothing you haven't seen before. A partner or two might also make these first few days of the month more exciting than you'd like. It will all clear up after February 5 or February 6, however, so stay calm and keep smiling. That bright Full Moon on February 14 highlights good times with your favorite friends at your favorite places. It also energizes your fondest dreams and fantasies. From February 18 until the end of the month you could see some extra luck regarding money, but it won't be effortless. Decide how hard you're willing to work.

Don't let other people's problems sideswipe you in the first week of the month. It might be tempting to overreact and chase after too many good times, but resist that, too. Things will settle down after February 4 or so. This February 14 Full Moon is for you and whatever partner you have at the moment. Be the royal couple and share secret wishes and a fantasy or two. You deserve to decompress. From February 18 until February 20 you might feel a bit like a scapegoat. If people pay more attention to you, know that some of it is well intentioned.

People may be difficult to help the first week, so ration your efforts accordingly. Some anticipated fun might be interfered with, too. If so, don't be disappointed. Change plans a little and maybe go where people appreciate you more. The February 14 Full Moon shines brightly on all those delicious little things in life. Cherish some peace and quiet, too. A few days later, too much wishful thinking could get in the way of progress. It might even be other people's fantasies and not yours that slow things down for you. By February 20 or so these obstacles should drift back into the mist.

A crazy lover wannabe isn't really stalking you, but it might feel that way as the month begins. This will go away completely after February 5 or so, but it's still good to travel with a buddy. This Full Moon on February 14 lets you see who your true friends are and how they really love just being with you. Relish the camaraderie. You might look at a lover (or other partner) around February 17 or February 18 and wonder whatever were you thinking when you paired up. It's always good to reexamine a relationship, but feelings now might just be hollow self-doubt. Relax.

Being introspective will work to your advantage, especially in the first two or three days of the month, but you could feel bottled up. Without picking any fights, you can find ways to decompress and be good to your blood pressure. If things get tense at home, smile and remember that you're the lucky one. The February 14 Full Moon shines on your career and your fondest wishes at home. Be dignified and be treated like royalty. Your emotions may get raw and the world feel more threatening as February 18 approaches. Stay calm. By February 20 these feelings will pass.

Be out and about the first week of the month, sometimes even happily playing the fool. You know how far to take things. The novelty will have faded by February 3 or February 4, and it will be back to normal daily life. It's an especially fiery and powerful Full Moon for you on February 14, when each and every friend sees you as their special valentine. Enjoy the popularity and spread the joy. The last two weeks could be busy at work, with people wanting solutions and guidance. You'll have surprisingly good answers, but there might be some jealousy or competition

You could attract any number of the wrong sorts of people as February begins, but that peculiar attraction should wear off after a few days. You aren't doing anything differently, so don't blame yourself. The February 14 Full Moon impacts your sense of responsibility to others, and this could draw someone who recognizes your problem-solving skills and is willing to pay for your help. There's a degree of altruism as well as sheer professionalism at play here. Don't hesitate to describe your aspirations. February 17 and February 18 could be socially challenging, but you can spot common ground and point it out to reestablish peace.

As the month opens, your sense of fun could encourage extravagance or some needless risk with money. By February 4 this danger should be over, but the memories of foolishness may linger. It's a special Full Moon for you on February 14, when love is so thick in the air you can almost taste it. Don't overcommit, but you also don't have to run and hide. February 18 and February 19 could be stressful, and it won't be possible to keep it all secret. Just be forthright and honest and don't assume all the blame. It will all be fine again a few days later.

Be careful whose advice you take, if any, in the first few days of the month. Wild ideas and questionable suggestions abound, especially about money. This confusion should quiet down by February 3 or February 4. The Full Moon on February 14 could distract you from taking adequate care of yourself. You can be loving and giving, but you don't have to sacrifice everything and martyr yourself for any cause. The world needs you too much. If your free spirit or reckless desires get you into hot water on February 18, just remember just how darn charming and sincere you can be.


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